Operating since 2011, we have built a team, technology stack and methodology that we're excited to share. Our only focus is to bring online advertising success and pragmatism to each of our clients.

Our Philosophy. Quiet Notion operates on simple, strong principles:

  1. We are data and business intelligence driven.
  2. Pursuing the client’s objectives exclusively, regardless of the impact on our revenues, will lead to successful relationships.
  3. Clients should have direct, transparent contact with their analyst and metrics.

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Highlights of What We've Achieved

  • Revolutionized how a major US national restaurant brand generates banquet and catering orders. 
  • Built ecommerce campaigns to grow a modest furniture website into a sales behemoth. 
  • Helped a small plumbing business grow from a single shop to a regional power.
  • Lead the setup for an online marketing call tracking system for a private healthcare enterprise.
  • Decreased cost per sale by 35% for venture-backed fashion startup.
  • Cut ad expenditures for an Alexa 20k ranked marketplace site by 40% while growing revenue.
  • Insulated a major financial institution from negative brand exposure while executing an extremely large display advertising effort.
  • Created a new execution strategy for a non-profit in need of global reach.

The mantra is ‘show me the data.’ Every hypothesis is tested and data is paramount, and because of all this their team will always succeed when taking on a project.
— Ari Nahmani. Founder, Kahena Digital Marketing