Test Fast. Test Frugally.

Get the Data You Need to have Confidence in Your Idea.

There is a Problem:

You're unsure about traffic channels, audiences and site or app performance.

  • Research only goes so far, it is time to push forward and get real users and customers.
  • Time is of the essence. You can't wait months to know if you'll be effective.
  • Resources are limited. It doesn't make sense early on to commit to a large, long-term contract.


Here is the Solution:

Run a one-time process and a single flight of online advertising called a Traffic Runway.

Direct relevant traffic immediately and evaluate audiences, traffic channels and site or app performance in a scientific framework.

  • Eliminate the unknowns. Get real data to make the big decisions.
  • Obtain the information fast. You will have your data in weeks, not months.
  • Only pay for a one-time process and leave big commitments for later.

Data Driven Conclusions

Results to identify value added information on product, audience and marketing channels:

  • Recommend changes to site including funnel drop off and content disconnects.
  • Identify audience segments with potential and which may require adjustments to realistically approach.
  • Select which advertising channels are worthwhile on a sustainable and profitable basis.


Reality Driven Recommendations

Traffic Runway is operated on practical reality:

  • Determine if your concept or startup has promise. 
  • Know the good, bad and the ugly of what the data says in your business context.
  • Effectively communicate our analysis of the data and the best route forward for your business.


Reality Driven Marketing.png

Traffic Runway Customer Experience: Brathwait.com

Brathwait's Traffic Runway discovered the data to successfully launch a designer watch business.

Braithwait | Slim Wrist Watch Minimalist Design

Braithwait | Slim Wrist Watch Minimalist Design

The Traffic Runway gave us the data we need so we could take advantage of online marketing without spending a fortune to find out what doesn’t work. It help us begin selling our product.
— Henrik Torp. Founder, Braithwait.

The Traffic Runway discovered needed changes for their site, identified which demographics held the most potential and found ad channels most likely to generate sales.

After completion of Braithwait's Traffic Runway, Quiet Notion has continued to manage the execution for the beautiful watch company's online advertising. (We apologize in advance for subsequently selling out their first batch of inventory.)